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Piracy IS theft, no matter what people say

I have been seeing this image around the internets and Facebook, and it bugs me because of its simplicity. (Apologies to whoever originally made it–I wasn’t sure how to credit you for the idea.) It’s such a simple idea, and … Continue reading

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Blogger Etiquette–Photos

After diving headfirst back into the blogging world after a hiatus, I’m noticing something on blogs that irks me. Okay, I don’t really care that much, but I’m much more aware about copyright infringement while taking this copyright class. Mostly, … Continue reading

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Caption/Copyright update

If you’ve read my last post, I’ve been working on a paper about libraries captioning uncaptioned, yet copyrighted, videos. I wondered where to find the darn law that required producers to release captioned DVDs. Turns out, there’s no such law. … Continue reading

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Closed captioning paper

So. I’m working on a paper for my Copyright class, about the laws (or lack thereof) requiring  libraries providing captioned videos for deaf and hard of hearing patrons. My thesis is thus: There is an interesting disconnect between the American … Continue reading

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