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Addressing weaknesses in a reference letter

Maybe some people don’t like providing references in general. Or they’ll provide references, but hate the time-suck for having to write it out. In my case, I actually don’t mind providing references for two reasons. 1) I truly care about … Continue reading

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Kirtsaeng v. Wiley, or, Copyright laws that affect libraries

Thank goodness the Supreme Court ruled against the publisher! When I first heard about this case some time ago, I could kind of sympathize with the publisher wanting to protect their market share in the United States, but if they … Continue reading

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Trying to run errands on St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Trying to run errands downtown on St. Patrick’s Day weekend: Drunk people, GET OFF MY LAWN.

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Librarians: Helping people (we disagree with) find information since 10,000 BC

That’s part of our ethos: helping people find information, even if we disagree with their beliefs or opinions. We can’t help it–we need to help people. Even when we’re off the clock,  on lunch break, or even out and about … Continue reading

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Florida trumps Chicago

  Yes. See above picture. Florida trumps Chicago. At least in the winter. I’m glad that Chicago doesn’t get hurricanes, and we’re a little too far off the map of where the remnants of hurricanes will go, so we avoid … Continue reading

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Cute Videos of the Week   Okay. I admit it. I’m like your favorite aunt who forwards the cute videos everyone has already seen. I just hope you haven’t seen it yet. And you should. They’re kyoot.

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Every. Presentation. EVER. In lighter news–have you been at a presentation like this before? I have. It sucks. If you absolutely MUST have a slideshow, like say, you’re giving a presentation about works of art, use it just to show the works … Continue reading

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Where is winter?

Except for a couple of brief cold spells, this winter has been incredibly, fortunately, warm. Not warm as in I can wear skirts every day in 60 degree weather, but warm as in, I sometimes have to unzip my heavy … Continue reading

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Yay! I wrote again today!

So far so good on my unspoken New Year’s resolution of blogging more often. I almost completely forgot to blog today, but while I was sitting around and procrastinating about various chores and running (aka, refreshing Facebook for the latest … Continue reading

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I’m horrible at blogging

  You know, I’m really bad at blogging. I’m great at Facebook, because I’ve already friendships that I can cultivate. Blogging is another matter. I love to write, and I know the more I write, the better I’ll get. So, … Continue reading

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