ALA Battledecks = library presentations + ‘Whose Line’

“You need to go to Battledecks!” a Facebook acquaintance of mine told me.

Battledecks? I’d seen people talk about it on ALA ThinkTank on Facebook, but figured it was something akin to D&D, and way beyond my ken. The definition I was able to find online didn’t really help, either. Karaoke and presentations, mixed together? I had visions of people reading off of slides, which is the one major NO-NO of presentations. Nooooo thank you.

Then one person at ALA described it as like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Improv presentations with slides they’ve never seen before. Oh? That sounds much more fun! Except…how will I know what they’re saying? Shoot, shoulda asked for an interpreter.

It was held on a Monday evening–the last day of the conference, and I ran to McCormick Place after work, and saw this.

And they had INTERPRETERS. Two of ’em, so they can trade off before getting too tired.

Watch. All the way through, if you can. It was fantastic.

Maybe next time I’ll compete.

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