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Piracy IS theft, no matter what people say

I have been seeing this image around the internets and Facebook, and it bugs me because of its simplicity. (Apologies to whoever originally made it–I wasn’t sure how to credit you for the idea.) It’s such a simple idea, and … Continue reading

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A couple of things about that quarter-life crisis

There were a couple things about having a quarter life crisis that didn’t quite make this story on CBS2 (and holy crap, am I actually a “millennial”? I feel older than that) that I’d like to point out here. Keep … Continue reading

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Ice cream in the library!

Maybe we’re thinking about it all wrong when we ban food in the library. Maybe we shouldallow food. Let me explain. My husband and I were eating ice cream cones during one of his meal breaks at his job at … Continue reading

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The Accidental Law Librarian: A book review

Admittedly, I’m one of those people whom this book is geared for. I’m shy about legal research, believing myself to be utterly unqualified. I only vaguely understand what I call legalese. Sure, I spent quite a bit of time using … Continue reading

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