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Reader’s Advisory when you can’t afford your own Booklist subscription

When I worked in a public library as a shelver, and later, as a circulation clerk, it was pretty easy to have a general idea of what kind of books we had in a variety of genres to get people … Continue reading

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Addressing weaknesses in a reference letter

Maybe some people don’t like providing references in general. Or they’ll provide references, but hate the time-suck for having to write it out. In my case, I actually don’t mind providing references for two reasons. 1) I truly care about … Continue reading

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Is “Just Necessary” a meaningless term in collection development?

I’ve been attending a number of interesting presentations lately, while my library is working on hiring a new librarian. I treat these presentations like a continuation of grad school. I can’t help it, I’m just a perpetual nerd. All of … Continue reading

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Making libraries more accessible to people with special needs

We’ve made libraries more accessible to able-bodied people–so it seems fitting that there is more of a push nowadays to make libraries accessible to individuals with special needs. I saw the announcement for this webinar on an INALJ blog post, … Continue reading

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