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Job-hunting and interviewing when you have a disability

Originally posted at INALJ on 3/22/2013. Job hunting is nerve-wracking, but it is even more anxiety-inducing if you have a disability. There’s so many questions involved in addition to the usual ones: When should I disclose my disability? What if … Continue reading

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Kirtsaeng v. Wiley, or, Copyright laws that affect libraries

Thank goodness the Supreme Court ruled against the publisher! When I first heard about this case some time ago, I could kind of sympathize with the publisher wanting to protect their market share in the United States, but if they … Continue reading

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Trying to run errands on St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Trying to run errands downtown on St. Patrick’s Day weekend: Drunk people, GET OFF MY LAWN.

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Librarians: Helping people (we disagree with) find information since 10,000 BC

That’s part of our ethos: helping people find information, even if we disagree with their beliefs or opinions. We can’t help it–we need to help people. Even when we’re off the clock,  on lunch break, or even out and about … Continue reading

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Helping People with Disabilities in the Bookstacks

One thing I have noticed is how few libraries have plans for helping people with disabilities retrieve books from the stacks. What should people with low vision do if they can read a book with assistive technology, but have difficulty … Continue reading

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