So, a Hermione walks into a library…


I went into the library to get two books for the Context Book Report. I figured I could look at the two and decide which one to report on.

I accidentally came out with 10 times more books than I originally intended. Oops.

If you can’t read the titles, here the are:

Infinite Reality
The Hyperlinked Society
Net Smart
Digital Vertigo
The Cult of the Amateur
Embedding into Our Lives
I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did
And Then There’s This
Bloggerati, Twitterati
Consent of the Networked
The Disinformation Age
The Reputation Society
Content Nation
You Are Not a Gadget
The Mobile Media Reader
The Filter Bubble
Born Digital

My arms are still tired from carrying them on the bus and then the train home. I’ve made similar mistakes time and time again–you’d think I’d learn. Nope. Well, I guess I am learning by reading the books, but really, you’d think I should be able to limit myself.

Now that I think about it, though…my decision to get all these books stems from a fear of getting stuck with a crappy book. An example of a crappy book is Daniel Pink’s “Drive.” Ugh. I had to read that for a management course and it sucked. It was full of trite statements and unoriginal ideas. See, so many of these pop-management or pop-leadership books have no substance, making me wish I hadn’t wasted my precious time on drivel. And I don’t want to write a report on drivel.

Good thing I have some time before this assignment is due to decide. I’ll still decide between my original two books, “Consent of the Networked” or “The Filter Bubble” but now I’ve got a reading list, at least.

Oh. Disclaimer here. Not all of these are on the lists provided, so check the list and with Prof Stephens first, if you’re inspired by one of these titles.

P.S. In case you were curious, I picked only titles that were published in 2008 or sooner. Anything older than that is probably too old, especially on the topic of the Information Age.

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