SOPA/PIPA roundup

So, the mass internet protest yesterday (which is only a tiny, tiny fraction of the Internets) was influential enough that a bunch of people were mad about Reddit, Wikipedia, and the Oatmeal were down that they wrote their senators and representatives. And a whole bunch of co-sponsors backed off. A whole bunch of ’em. Yes, one of the IL senators, Mark Kirk, came out against PIPA. (Thank you, Sen Kirk!!!) Dick Durbin, a co-sponsor of PIPA, is supposedly backing away from the bill, saying it’s “not as important.” At least, that’s what one of his aides said yesterday. I like to add, “not as important as being re-elected is.” ‘Cause you know that’s the real fear he has, not really the fear of a “broken” Internet.

And THE Zuckerberg, you know the guy, also spoke out about it. No doubt he’s afraid that will be shut down because of the mass infringement that people have been doing. Even yesterday, while protesting a law that would make them even more of lawbreakers. You know, all the peeps posting those comic strips and mashing up the amazing Hyperbole and a Half “Clean ALL the things!” with the SOPA protests? Yeah, that’s illegal now, unless the artists are amazing enough to allow free use.

And YouTube user created a pretty amazing video breaking down SOPA and PIPA to make it easier to understand.

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