Websites join in the strike against SOPA and PIPA

SOPA and PIPA aren’t dead. They’ve merely been temporarily shelved, and are supposedly undergoing a dramatic makeover just like the one in Cinderella, only the bills’ proponents are hoping that the Cinderella-ing the bills will thereby make them unrecognizable and easier to sneak past.

Tomorrow, many popular sites are going to strike against SOPA/PIPA as an example of what would happen should SOPA/PIPA pass. Some are doing it for 12 hours, some are doing it for 24 hours, but if the bill is passed, then it’s quite probable that many of these sites will be shut down indefinitely. You can check out the roster of websites at

Wikipedia is one of the biggest names to join the strike–and tomorrow we’ll hear the cry of millions of anguished students wondering what they should cite in their papers. The I Can Has Cheezburger network and reddit are also striking. So,  tomorrow, office workers will have incredibly increased productivity.

And sadness, WordPress is supposedly striking, though I can’t seem to find their announcement.  If so, my website will possibly also be down. If I can still post, I will try to make posts about how many people are crying out about lost procrastination time, and crying about how they actually have to face the real world now.

Tomorrow will be utterly fascinating to see what happens.

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