PIPA and SOPA Breaks the Internet

Here’s a thought provoking video about PIPA and SOPA, and how it would affect the internet as we know it today. Internet Armageddon, anyone?

Isn’t it crazy? The whole purpose of copyright is to protect the rights of the creator as the information is shared. That is the key thing of copyright laws–to facilitate sharing of info. These bills go completely counter to this freedom of the spread of information, and turns the internet into a police state, making people afraid to share their thoughts on, say, Disney movies or Rihanna’s latest song, for fear that it might somehow become “infringing.” Even Facebook could get shut down if just one person posts an infringing image or song.

If you want to, this website http://fightforthefuture.org/pipa makes it incredibly easy to email your Senate representatives, and you can edit the message however you wish (and I encourage you to add your own thoughts). The website will then do the hard work of figuring out which senator represents you, and send the email along.

How incredibly easy is that? Please help us protect the freedom of information.

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