Where is winter?

Except for a couple of brief cold spells, this winter has been incredibly, fortunately, warm. Not warm as in I can wear skirts every day in 60 degree weather, but warm as in, I sometimes have to unzip my heavy winter coat because I’m getting too warm. Although it is pretty darn close to 60 degree weather. It’ll hit somewhere in the 50s tomorrow.

And haha, booyah, we’re gonna be out of town when the cold comes blasting in on Thurs! Yes, that’s right. We’re headed to Florida on Weds, and won’t get back to town until Sunday night. Yes, this means I will be taking a vacation from my blog here, too. Our hotel doesn’t have free Wi-Fi, and neither airports offers free Wi-Fi. Because we’re too cheap for the $15/day charge, we’re just leaving our information addiction machines at home, and making do with our smartphones for the 5 days. But I digress. We’re missing Florida’s nearly 80 degree weather today and tomorrow, but it’ll still be a balmy upper 60s when we’re there. Woohoo!

Our itinerary includes one day at Magic Kingdom, one day at Universal/Harry Potter, and one day at the beach, and then we’re going to figure out our two half days when we get there. And because the bus system sucks in Florida, we’re having to rent a car for the beach and Universal/Harry Potter days.

On one hand, I’m glad to get behind the wheel again after a long time of relying on the CTA. On the other hand, I’m a little nervous. It has been, what? Very nearly 2 years of no driving. Yeah. A year and 9 months, more or less. To make it even more nervewracking, I’m going from 0-60, almost literally. From no driving to driving on the highways. Eeerk. I’ve always hated highway driving, but judging from Google Maps, the highways are the ONLY ways to drive to Universal and to the beach in reasonable times. There’s so many lakes and ponds and swamps in Florida that the highways have to jog around to avoid them. So, I’ve been asking St. Christopher for help and assistance well in advance of the driving days. Please don’t let us get killed. I don’t really want to get maimed, either. It’d be nice to avoid accidents altogether, actually. Many thanks in advance!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but my Cataloging prof already sent the syllabus out. I’ve been considering bringing it and the PDFs and the textbooks for something to read on the 3 hr flight. On the other hand, do I really want to start school that early? Probably. Should I? Maybe not… It’s not like my casual reading is any lighter–I’ve checked out and made extremely slow progress on some theological books–a couple of books from the awesome Sacra Pagina series. That might be a good way to make some more progress on that before school starts. Or should I bring my crocheting along? But would that take up too much space in the rollaboard?

If you think that decision is hard, the decision of what to wear in Florida has been much harder. Skirts? or will it be chilly? Pants? How would I wade in the beach water? Are sandals and pants a faux pas? I DON’T KNOW.

And oh, just for fun, I’ve been having nightmares about my dad again. No, I’ve never had a good dream about him while growing up, and certainly not now. I’ve just been fortunate not to have as many bad dreams anymore, after I moved out of home. (I had been having those dreams almost nightly.) I have no idea why all of sudden I’m having nightmares. I did get a letter from a clueless/well meaning relative giving me very very basic updates on things. I just rolled my eyes and recognized the flying monkey maneuver. But maybe it affected me more than I thought it did.


So, I’m really lame. I started writing this yesterday (why does it feel like two days ago?) and ran out of time at work, and was too pooped to finish it at home and ended up packing. But I’m glad to say I didn’t have a nightmare last night. Maybe writing about it got out of my system. There. It’s gone now.

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