Yay! I wrote again today!

So far so good on my unspoken New Year’s resolution of blogging more often. I almost completely forgot to blog today, but while I was sitting around and procrastinating about various chores and running (aka, refreshing Facebook for the latest news. Apparently everyone else has a life and I don’t, so it was boring.) Also, I was nomming on some of the leftover tortilla chips from when the in-laws were in town, dipping it in some Newmann’s Own salsa and spreadable cheese. No, not Velveeta. Real cheese. Much tastier cheese. Much healthier cheese.

Yes, I’m still trying to run. No, I haven’t updated my Running with a Book Cart blog. Not in a while. I’ll focus on this first. No, I don’t think I’ll be able to make the marathon. The two back-to-back colds kind of knocked me back to Square 1 in terms of fitness levels. I haven’t quite gotten around to running today, yet. Maybe in a few hours after my cheese and salsa settles. I like running, so why the hell am I procrastinating? I even remembered to charge up my iPod this time.

At least I’ve been working on exercising. Just a little bit of movement every day, like random pushups and leg lifts-and-oh-so-slowly-drops (you know that kind? I suck at terminology, so good luck understanding what I mean.) And I try to do it when the cats are napping, because otherwise they attack my feet or try to help my yoga along by crawling under me and sleeping when I’m trying to segue from Downward Dog into the Cobra.

I got an email from my Cataloging professor today–he’s really on the ball since classes don’t start until the 25th. And of course, in my usual Hermione self, I printed off the syllabus and the first week’s readings in PDF. I can’t stand reading on the screen, so I kill a lot of trees by printing all those pages all the time. In my defense, I buy recycled paper and use the duplex mode. And in my defense yet again, it would be rather difficult to explain the highlighters and my scribbled notes on my computer screen at the Apple store. I’ll be put in their next round of “Stupid Customers” email if I ever did that. So, much cheaper just to do that to paper.

I don’t know if I’ll get started on the readings yet, but it might be easy enough to pack it into the carry-on for our trip to Florida next week. Maybe. Or should I just make it a true vacation by not bringing anything to do? I don’t know if I can handle that just yet–I want to keep my eyes and hands busy. No, not that way, you pervert. Even though we’re not far from a couple of pr0n stores, I steer the hell clear from them, thankyouverymuch.

Now, I’m off to cut up the BOGO chicken, do laundry, and start preparing the travel-sized bottles for our trip. Let’s hope that my bad dream doesn’t come true and that United doesn’t somehow lose our carry-on luggage, because I want to be able to change my clothes and wash up. Yes. I had a dream that we put it in the overhead bin, and then it disappeared. And I also had a dream that the seats on the plane were actually those crappy plastic/metal chairs that are the mainstay of every uncomfortable classroom, bolted to the floor.

My husband said that he’s heard of many different fears like the fear of flying, but this is the first time he’s heard of anyone having an airline-specific fear. Sorry, United–I really do prefer flying Southwest, and I guess it shows. I’ll still give you the benefit of the doubt next week, and I’m sure you’ll do great. But, you’re still not Southwest Airlines.

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2 Responses to Yay! I wrote again today!

  1. james goodman says:

    Love you Holly! I love your blog…nice job!

    I also love that you love Southwest (of course) – have fun on your vacation!!!

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