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Florida trumps Chicago

  Yes. See above picture. Florida trumps Chicago. At least in the winter. I’m glad that Chicago doesn’t get hurricanes, and we’re a little too far off the map of where the remnants of hurricanes will go, so we avoid … Continue reading

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SOPA/PIPA roundup

So, the mass internet protest yesterday (which is only a tiny, tiny fraction of the Internets) was influential enough that a bunch of people were mad about Reddit, Wikipedia, and the Oatmeal were down that they wrote their senators and … Continue reading

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Cute Videos of the Week   Okay. I admit it. I’m like your favorite aunt who forwards the cute videos everyone has already seen. I just hope you haven’t seen it yet. And you should. They’re kyoot.

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Every. Presentation. EVER. In lighter news–have you been at a presentation like this before? I have. It sucks. If you absolutely MUST have a slideshow, like say, you’re giving a presentation about works of art, use it just to show the works … Continue reading

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The Day the LOLCats Died

  I can’t say whether he’s a good singer or not (’cause, ya know, I’m kinda sorta deaf…) but thank God for the captioning because then I can say that I rather like the lyrics.

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The ALA is supporting the Internet blackout today

The ALA is supportive of the Internet Blackout protest–I’m proud to say that I’m a member of this organization. I understand the need to protect copyright interests, but you know what? Copyright laws were created to help facilitate the flow … Continue reading

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Rep. Smith Goes to Jail and Extraditing people who break U.S. Copyright laws

So, it’s not a good day for the freedom of information. First, Vice figured out that Rep. Lamar Smith, who created SOPA, could easily go to jail if his law passes. You see,  Rep. Smith broke copyright law. Creative Commons … Continue reading

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PIPA and SOPA Breaks the Internet

Here’s a thought provoking video about PIPA and SOPA, and how it would affect the internet as we know it today. Internet Armageddon, anyone? Isn’t it crazy? The whole purpose of copyright is to protect the rights of the creator … Continue reading

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Websites join in the strike against SOPA and PIPA

SOPA and PIPA aren’t dead. They’ve merely been temporarily shelved, and are supposedly undergoing a dramatic makeover just like the one in Cinderella, only the bills’ proponents are hoping that the Cinderella-ing the bills will thereby make them unrecognizable and … Continue reading

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The Joy of Books

This is the coolest stop motion video that you will see this week. (Or this month?) From the description, the artist and his wife “spent many sleepless nights moving, stacking, and animating books at Type bookstore in Toronto (883 Queen … Continue reading

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