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I went to a meet-up (tweet-up? blog-up?) of my fellow ChicagoNow bloggers this evening, and got meet new people and learn about more blogs I need to read. I especially enjoyed listening to Erin’s horror stories about hoarders. She’s awesome working with them, but it’s just so squicky–rats, roaches, rancid milk…she doesn’t write about them yet, but she’s got time 😉

Of course, I always think of things to say until it’s too late, but I should have shared some of my library horror stories. Thankfully it’s not hoarder level squickiness, but you know, finding a used tampon behind the books on the shelves, or a used condom in a book full of nude art that served as a bookmark…still pretty gross.

I did learn from the guy responsible for ChicagoNow, and from my husband, that posting of the morning is a better move than posting of the evening. So, when I write stuff in advance, I should schedule it for the morning. That way people have all day to look at it while it’s fresh, instead of reading “yesterday’s news.” I was  aiming for lunch hour or dinner hour with my scheduling, but I will be changing my business plan accordingly. So, that’s my protip of the day.

Also, while at the gathering, I accidentally found out I hate cilantro too, just like my MIL. It tastes soap-like before fading away quickly (mercifully!). Some sort of odd gene that does that. I’ll be avoiding that leafy green from now on.

And this post I won’t be publishing of the morning, perhaps ’cause it’s mostly just general news that’s not all that important.

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