I’m back from the dead

It took me a while to get the hang of working full time and going to school 2/3rds time. That first semester though–that was hairy. It’s much easier focusing on 2 classes than 3 while working. So, I have 2 classes in the spring, 1 in summer, and 1-2 in the fall to go, before I can graduate with my MLIS.

I’m still working at this university library, and totally enjoying it. We’re working on reorganizing the entire stacks area. We’re not physically moving the shelves (okay, we’re moving some of the shelves) but rather, all the books will be reorganized so to flow in a more logical way. Ever since the new library opened on campus, we’ve been moving some of our books in there and that finally is giving us much needed space. So, instead of having one class (all the Ds) spread across three floors, it’ll all be together on one floor. Instead of having our Asian collection on opposite ends of library (way up at the top, and way in the basement), we’re moving it around so it’s all on the same floor. It’ll be quite a project.

One final note: Yesterday, I had heck of a time trying to get to work, since all my usual routes are affected by the Chicago Marathon. For part of the distance, I walked alongside all the spectators cheering the runners, and family members and friends yelling when they saw their family member/friend run by. It reminded me of my funny life goal. I want to run in the marathon. Not because I’m a super running geek. I just want to say, “I ran in the marathon once.” Admittedly, getting one of those medals would be nice, just for finishing all 26.2 miles. I have a whole year to train. I’ve run before, a 5K back in April for the Race to Wrigley. That was actually rather fun, and what a sense of accomplishment! I did that with the help of the Couch to 5K program. But then I stopped running on a regular basis, and I want to get back on track.

The only way to do that is to make a huge goal for myself. I’m weird that way. Kind of like how I made my MLIS my goal all the way back in high school, and that kept me motivated with school. So, a marathon is the next logical step, right?

If you want to keep track of my progress, I’ll be making all the posts under the category of Running with a Book Cart. My first day of training will be later on, after work today.

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