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Creative Commons Licenses–A Basic Course

I recently posted about how to find Creative Commons images for blog use–and someone reminded me not to forget the various levels of Creative Commons licenses. For example, if your blog has ads on it (like I do–because I’m trying … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

Okay, I really don’t celebrate Halloween with parties or dressing up proper. Certainly not like Heidi Klum’s skinless costume this year. That sort of dressing up doesn’t really appeal to me. I’m also not a fan of blood, gore, guts, … Continue reading

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Speaking of trollish comments Speaking of trollish comments, here’s a pretty darn accurate description of the stupidest troll reactions to news.  

Posted in Misc. | Tagged , , , | Leave a comment Gluejar is a brand new project (it hasn’t even started yet) with a noble idea–the creators want to “unglue” popular books and make it publicly available for free to readers. From the site: Authors and publishers choose a funding … Continue reading

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Of trolls and discussion, of free speech and comments

DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. That’s common sense advice, isn’t it? If you feed the bullies, the Internet Tough Guys, they feel like they have to continually retaliate. Any attempt at reasoned discussions with the ITGs results in logically-flawed verbal … Continue reading

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Blogger Etiquette–Photos

After diving headfirst back into the blogging world after a hiatus, I’m noticing something on blogs that irks me. Okay, I don’t really care that much, but I’m much more aware about copyright infringement while taking this copyright class. Mostly, … Continue reading

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USA Literary Map

Now, this is cool. Who wants to buy this for me for my future librarian cubicle?

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Naming kids after book characters Apparently names like Katniss and Gatsby are suddenly popular. While I wouldn’t name my kids with these particular names, I’m actually okay with others doing this…mostly. I’m not too fond of Atticus or Rhett, but then again I’m extremely … Continue reading

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Caption/Copyright update

If you’ve read my last post, I’ve been working on a paper about libraries captioning uncaptioned, yet copyrighted, videos. I wondered where to find the darn law that required producers to release captioned DVDs. Turns out, there’s no such law. … Continue reading

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Closed captioning paper

So. I’m working on a paper for my Copyright class, about the laws (or lack thereof) requiring  libraries providing captioned videos for deaf and hard of hearing patrons. My thesis is thus: There is an interesting disconnect between the American … Continue reading

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