Analytical Mindset: Part 1

See here for the previous post of this installment. I’m again writing a reaction piece about the 5 Minds of a Manager article. Last week, the Reflective part was due, and this week it’s the Analytical.

Analysis means loosening upĀ  “complex phenomena by breaking them into component parts.” A bunch of little things added up makes a big organization, and a big organization can be analyzed, or broken down into little bits to make it easier to understand each piece. It’s not a surprise that in American Sign Language, the sign for “analyze” (scroll down to find the entry) is a bit like digging in, looking intently at something. The sign uses two fingers on each hand to pull apart the imaginary surface to take a careful, closer look at the inner workings, the small parts that forms the whole. That is the essence of the word, and something that everybody doing analysis must take care to do.


Okay, I’m lazy. I’m going to just append this with Part 2. ‘Cause, you know, it’s a pretty short assignment, and might as well get this over with.

It drives me crazy when people don’t analyze the situation before acting. Sure, there are some decisions that can be made based on a split-second’s look, using gut instinct. (made famous by Gladwell’s book, Blink). However, I daresay that there are many many more decisions that cannot rely purely on a “blink.” At least, I hope people aren’t blinking too fast, and forgetting the all-important skill of analyzing, or thinking deeply. If managers do too much blinking, their employees will think that the managers aren’t taking them seriously when they submit the results of a labor-intensive project, getting only a split-second review. It makes employees feel unappreciated, making them more likely to make less of an effort on their next project. Even though I know managers get crazy busy, they still need to take time to think a little bit.

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