Five Managerial Mindsets project: Reflective Part 2

See here for the beginning of my ongoing class assignment, otherwise this will probably not make sense to you.

According to those guys I mentioned in my previous post (I hope you read it–if not, read it now), the Reflective Mindset is all about managing the self. Quite honestly, a manager who can’t manage themselves is not going to be good at managing others. Otherwise it comes across as, “do as I say, not as I do,” if the manager is a horrible procrastinator, and yet yells at the employees for missing deadlines. That creates hard feelings all around and a miserable workforce which leads to (surprise!) miserable customers. It’s like customers have an innate sense of a dysfunctional workplace, probably because they’ve worked in dysfunctional workplaces before. Even if the employees are the greatest actors in the world, nothing can hide that fact because it sticks around like skunk spray does inside your car after you run over a freshly killed one. And customers are going to complain and write bad reviews on Yelp if they come home smelling like a dysfunctional skunk-spray workplace. It’s a chain-reaction. Moral of the story: Practice what you preach, and manage others as you do yourself.

Bad Management equals Poor reviews on Yelp and Angry FFFFUUUUCCKK Patron

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