Is POSDCORB still relevant?

Disclaimer: another class assignment

And yes, indeedy, I am completing this in the wee hours of the morning, during my “lunch” break. Curse you, night shift!

Since I am supposed to formulate a “single thoughtful paragraph,” it will help if you read the Wikipedia article on POSDCORB first, since I don’t really have space to summarize it.

I believe that POSDCORB is still mostly relevant in today’s managing world, although I am of the opinion that Directing can and should be included under Coordinating. Coordinating tasks and workers is important so that work gets done efficiently, and directing is an inherent part of coordination and does not deserve its own section anymore. Directing, unfortunately, brings to mind the idea some of the worst qualities of management, that is, ordering people around without really understanding what needs to be done. Coordination is a more relevant term, becauseĀ  that is managing with a good understanding of how the workplace functions, managing so people aren’t wasting time on stupid projects, or on twiddling their thumbs. In the same vein, Reporting is another one of those terms that has become slightly outdated. Coordination is simply an effective form of reporting, so that everybody is on the same page and understands the progress of their collective work, after the manager has coordinated their tasks. Therefore, POSDCORB can be more efficiently and accurately described as POSCOB.

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2 Responses to Is POSDCORB still relevant?

  1. Ray Maseman says:

    Ha! This is funny to read. Here I am doing the same assignment (probably at same school, maybe same instructor?) almost exactly two years later (give or take a few hours).
    I’ll have to remember to post my thoughts on my blog ( after I add them to the class discussion group.

    • admin says:

      Ray, thanks for commenting! I wouldn’t doubt it if you had the exact same instructor as me. I’ll have to check out your blog after I get some sleep. I absolutely love the name of your blog, by the way.

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