Five Managerial Mindsets project: Reflective Part 1

This is going to be part of an ongoing series for several weeks for one of my classes. I’m supposed to read and re-read “is an article published in the Harvard Business Review in November of 2003. Drs. Henry Mintzberg and Jonathan Gosling co-authored this article, titled “The 5 Minds of a Manager”. (Google Scholar will give you access to the article…)” according to my professor, and then twice a week, reflect on one of the five mindsets. Then at the end of the 5 weeks I’ll have 2 reflections for each of the mindsets. Each entry just has to be a “rich paragraph” long.

It may be boring, or it may be interesting–I guess we’ll find out as the project goes on. For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to go in the same order as the article.

First up, Managing Self, the Reflective Mindset.

Managers have to reflect on the past and on themselves in order to understand how and why things unfolded, so they can apply the appropriate lessons toward the present and the future. This sounds like management must be flexible and wise. Certainly if a policy or action failed miserably in the past, managers have to examine why it failed, and decide whether it’s worth trying again or not. I had a bad manager who failed to learn from her actions and understand why her employees were so miserable. She would hide and be unavailable when we needed manager override assistance, and every now and then, when we’re busy, she would come and “help,” and because she didn’t understand how our jobs were done, she’d mess up our whole organization, making all the orders late and customers unhappy while we struggled to piece it back together. Then she’d hide in her office again, coming out only to tell us that people were unhappy and we had to do better. If she had reflected on her actions, and figured out why we were miserable and customers were unhappy, then she could have changed her managing style appropriately to fit the situation. Not surprisingly, there was a high turnover rate.

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