School starts in a couple of days!

I’m not really ready for school. Well, I’m ready, but not ready ready like I normally am. I’m very much like Hermione, having everything planned out. Of course, that plan always goes to pieces a couple months into the semester, but I still have/had a plan nonetheless. This time, the last week of August snuck up on me.

At least my husband and I have our books already, bought with some of my ALA scholarship money. It really came at the opportune time, because otherwise we could easily have been without books for the first few weeks, until the loan refund checks come in the mail. Speaking of mail, the post office that serves my area is apparently notorious for “losing” mail, we found out the hard way. My initial ALA scholarship letter was sent out right away after the phone call, but I never got it…and also our marriage license is missing, too. It was sent out right after the wedding, but we didn’t get it a couple months later. Jeff called, and they sent another one, but we still haven’t gotten that one either. I’ve been waiting for it so I can change my name at the same time I get my IL driver’s license, to save on money. However, I’m bumping up against the 3 months grace period to get a new ID/license, and if I go past that, I’ll need to take a driving test again. And I don’t have a car anymore, for that. So….to avoid that mess, I’m just going to get the state license under my old name, and then as soon as the marriage thingy comes, I’m going to get a new driver’s license again.

Even though I don’t have a car anymore, (in this town you really can’t have cars unless you want headaches and expense), I still want to have a license so I can rent cars on vacations. So, if Jeff and I go to a sunny city for a few days in January (temporary cure for Seasonal Affective Disorder), we can get around a little bit more easily than riding in cabs all the time. Of course, that trip is entirely dependent on finances. But it would be nice.

Anyways, I finally got a job as a night monitor for a residence hall at an university. I’m very happy I finally got a steady source of income! Unfortunately, it is an overnight position, and I’m a little bit apprehensive about that (I had a dream about falling asleep on the job)–so I’ve been working toward shifting my circadian rhythm so night can be day, with the help of my handy dandy anti-SAD box. For one thing, it’s helpful because being up at night WILL cause me to be more depressed, unless I take measures to combat that right off the bat, to prevent having to take more Zoloft.

I also bought a more portable version of my light box, so I can take it to work with me. During the night, I can plug it in at my desk, and trick my mind into thinking it’s daylight, which will cause me to behave accordingly—that is, awake. It should arrive on Tuesday, thanks to Amazon Prime. I start Tuesday night. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t get lost in the mail, because it will come either via UPS or FedEx, so the greedy mailmen at our station don’t take it.

One benefit of staying up at night is that nighttime just happens to be my prime writing time. My literary creative juices get flowing best when the sun goes down. Go figure. Thankfully this university is very reasonable about the night shift workers. Generally speaking, having a laptop on the job is cause for firing, but in the dead of the night, when the students are all in bed, and there’s no other action to keep us awake, we can work on school or whatever. I asked specifically, and wow, we definitely can work on school! The only criteria is that it be no violence, pornography, or anything that is counter to the Catholic identity of the university. That’s quite easy–I don’t like any of that stuff. All I’m going to do is to take a school book, laptop, and power cord (and my happy lamp) so I can do homework when it’s not busy.

All they ask is that when there is a student coming, to close the laptop and switch the desktop screen from Solitaire to the guest log program, so we can do our job as we’re supposed to. Of course, if this gets abused we’ll lose this reasonable rule, but hopefully not.

It’s about 2:45am. I’m going to stay up to about 6 or 7am. Several more hours to go…

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