Getting my blog store set up

I’m getting my blog store set up tonight, er, this morning, while I’m working on getting my body adjusted for shift work. I’m using the Google Checkout Store Gadget, which my geeky husband found to be the most likely best option for me. It’s interesting because it uses Google Docs to manage the inventory. They have a spreadsheet setup, and I presume that it will automatically create a easy-to-understand store layout. Once I finished inputting the three things I have ready to sell, I had to “publish as a Web page.”  I don’t know yet how it works after that point, because it’s taking it a little while for it to “verify the spreadsheet.” It’s kinda slow. It’s still heckuva lot faster (and cheaper) than the Etsy setup. Etsy is great if you’re selling big-ticket items, but the smaller and cheaper stuff, the small fees seem like a huge chunk of your income per item.

Anyway, while I’m waiting for it to finish getting set up, here are the pics of the three things I’m doing a trial run with in my Google Checkout.

Item number 1: It’s about 1.5″ long, .5″ wide, and 2.5″ tall. I also made one that’s the same size, but has different colored books:The reason why the books are different colors is because I do everything on an individual pieced basis. So, each plank of wood in the bookshelf is individually cut out and painted, and ditto for the books. Then I glue it all together. It takes FOREVER, but it looks incredibly cute. Also, it saves my fingers, because as much as I’d like to, I can’t carve wood worth a damn. Soap is easy to carve, but wood? More like my fingers are getting carved rather than doing the carving. Ouch. It bleeds pretty good. Don’t worry, no blood was leaked on these projects.

Here’s the third item:It’s kinda neat. It’s about 4″ all around. Painting itty bitty books is hard. But I think it came out pretty well, especially if you turn your head and squint. Hey, that’s what you have to do for Van Gogh’s paintings, right? Same for Monet and Manet and all those folks. (Though I have to say that Manet is slightly overrated–he’s a messier version of Monet.)

I do have a tendency to try to sell stuff for too cheap, just so you know, instead of being properly compensated for the time spent on the different pieces. My original thought was to sell the bookshelves for $10 each, same for the painting, because that’s affordable, but the thing is, that means I’d only get paid the equivalent of $3/hr. This is raw numbers, because I don’t want to get into the mess of including material costs and such. Thankfully my husband persuaded me to not sell myself short. (Also, he was motivated by the need to pay bills.) So, if you think I should sell this thing or that thing for more, please, let me know!

After Google Checkout finally verifies my spreadsheet, I would love to test out the purchasing process. So, if you wouldn’t mind, could you buy one of the items, please?

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